Carriage and Wagon

The Rice family wants to thank all of their loyal patrons over the past 20 years. They are thankful and look forward to continue to give customers great service.


Do you have a special occasion in the near future? Proposal? Prom? Special Celebrations? Let Colorado Carriage and Wagon assist you with arrangements.

We have had proposals made on the horse drawn carriage; can you think of anything more romantic?

Your classmates will be in "ahhh" when you show up at the Prom in a beautiful horse drawn carriage.

Many couples have enjoyed the magic of a moonlit ride gazing at the stars and the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Horseback & Hayrack

Interested in getting your neighbors together? School field trips?

The hayrack ride will accommodate up to twenty-four adults and children. Multiple hayracks can be connected together train-car style, and pulled one behind the other to accommodate more, all pulled by a tractor. They can be operated in most weather conditions and different trains. The hayracks are available for parades, school functions, church events or most other events you can thinks of.

They also can be used for guided tours in conjunction with the Horseback ride, as offered with the Poudre Landmark Foundation. You and your guests can follow the Poudre River Trail enjoying sounds of the river and nature at the leisurely pace of guided horses. Come by yourself or bring up to six companions. Each ride offers a memorable and economic way to build a memorable event.


Interested in getting your neighbors together? School field trips?

It is possible to make your fairytale wedding come alive with a horse drawn carriage ride. From the moment you see our carriage coming down the road to pick you up until you reach the final destination of your reception, you will be treated like royalty.

You have planned for this day since you were a little girl; now, complete the fairytale for the two of you with a romantic carriage ride that your guests will be talking about for the years to come. There are several packages to choose from or one can be created just for you.


Nothing says, "I would marry you all over again" like a horse drawn carriage ride. Colorado Carriage and Wagon will help make cherished memories for the years to come.

Whether it's your first or your fifty-fifth wedding anniversary nothing is more romantic then holding hands, whispering about years past or the years to come and snuggling in our carriage under the open Colorado sky.


Have Colorado Carriage and Wagon attend your next family reunion with our covered wagon. Kids and adults of all ages love to take horse drawn covered wagon rides. This will be a memory that the entire family will enjoy for years to come.

During the Holiday season our wagon is also a big hit. Entire blocks get together to be pulled around in the wagon to view Christmas lights and to sing carols. The covered wagon is great for any get together, with friends, family and loved ones. The wagon can accommodate up to 20 adults.

Past Experiences

"What a fun experience and beautiful view of the mountains! Our guides were fantastic and made us feel super comfortable on our trail ride. Perfect for a family outing or if your looking for a date adventure."

- Shandra

"Wonderful company! I would recommend this ride for a romantic evening or an educational day with the family."

- Sterling

"Always a great evening with Colorado Carriage. The vibe is magical! The carriage drivers are full of great information, they are engaging and an absolute delight!"

- Carol